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Installing Christmas decorations during the Christmas season is a great way to attract customers.  Having commercial lightning and outside Christmas decorations installed are great ways to make your business stand out.

Charming Holiday decor will offer a good impression of your business in the minds of prospective customers and improve morale amongst staff.

Rooted Space 2.jpg

Studies in consumer buying behavior shows that consumers are prone to impulse buying at the sight of festive symbols.  You want to take advantage of this to increase sales. With the allure of festive decor at your business, you can remind your customers that the season is here again and compel them to purchase.

morale amongst staff at work.    

Oregon Christmas Lighting is happy to work with both small and large businesses.  With our decor strip-off, take-down and storage service, you can be sure your decor ornaments and accessories are in safe hands.   Amongst Christmas decorating professionals, we stand out in our ingenuity, creativity and mastery of the art of commercial Christmas decorations.  Whether yours is a packed commercial space, a spacious store or a partitioned lot, we know exactly what to do to stun your customers the next time they walk into your space.

Contact us today for more information on how you can use our service to increase visibility and traffic during the busy Christmas season.

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