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Business, Storefront and Home:
Lighting Installation & Design

    Understanding and honoring your lighting vision is our first priority. 

We take the time to hear your needs and dreams which will assure that we provide you the lighting display of your desire.  We can help create a Christmas lighting plan that accents the best features of your home and landscaping.  Be it business, storefront or home holiday or event lighting, we are here to serve with a skillful and technically accurate team.


Once we have a clear goal in mind, we will assure that all products are in good condition before installation and that the electrical load is appropriate for the circuits available.  We can install lights on brick, flashing, roofing material, gutters, gables, rooflines, railing, fencing, posts, trees and bushes, around garage doors, columns, as well as walkways and strategic spot lights for added dramatic effect.

For new clients we only install lighting materials that we provide.  The lighting materials that we supply are dependable, high quality, and commercial grade.   Our goal is to provide the best appearance and experience possible.  Our professional lighting installation team installs Christmas lights before the holidays begin and take them down once the holiday season is over. 

Requesting a quote for Christmas lighting is easy with our online  form.  You can select some of your preferred options and tell us how you would like your decorations to look. 

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