Energy-Efficient LED Lights

LED lighting is 90% more energy efficient than traditional incandescent lighting, saving you money while helping you preserve our world's precious natural resources. The latest LED technology has greatly improved the visual appeal of the lights by eliminating that unattractive flickering blue quality that was typical of first generation LED lights. Our commercial grade warm white LEDs closely resemble the traditional holiday lights in appearance but greatly surpass them in energy efficiency, ease of use and safety. LEDs are the lights of the future.

Decorative Examples

When designing your lighting display we attempt to make the most out of what your home or business has to offer.  Every outline, tree or fixture has the potential for tasteful holiday decoration. Below are some brief descriptions of lighting options available to you.


Home/Business Structure Decorations

  • Roof line lighting

  • Outlining windows and doorways

  • Stake lighting around walkways and driveways

  • Lighted wreaths and garland

  • Light installations synchronized to music

Natural Decorations

  • Lighting of trees and shrubs

  • Candy cane tree trunks

  • Laser light fixtures twinkling on tall trees

  • Various decoratively lit seasonal lawn displays

Of course, these are just a few examples. We encourage you to create your own personal design, and we'll let you know what it will take to make it a reality.